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This was not the story line Mr. Netanyahu was aiming for as he headed to Washington. His trip had been carefully orchestrated to remind Israelis, who overwhelmingly admire Mr. Trump, of how effectively Mr. Netanyahu has managed their relationship. At their Monday meeting, Mr. Trump is expected to sign a document formalizing the United States’ recognition of Israel’s sovereignty in the Golan Heights — a strategically important plateau that Israel captured from Syria in the Arab-Israeli War of 1967 but which under international law is considered occupied territory. Props is one of the latest cryptocurrencies to crop up after the massive attention garnered by the likes of bitcoin and Ethereum, and another example of how their foundational technology -- blockchain -- is poised to change your life.

“Olympics are always bringing something extraordinary,” he said. “Every four years you get a chance to be part of the most historic sports events in the history of sport. You never get really a chance to, other than in the Olympics, to really sit next to all the elite athletes from their sports and dine with them and just exchange experiences and knowledge and everything. There’s a lot of storytelling, a lot of fun.” The Sesame is a reasonably priced and easy to install retrofit smart lock from startup Candy House. With the looks of an old-school kitchen timer, the Sesame includes a knock-to-unlock feature for iOS devices and comes in at the same price as the August Smart Lock, 9. 

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In some ways, Mr. Biden became the human face of an administration led by a president known for robotic stoicism. Where Mr. Obama rarely revealed any inner life, Mr. Biden rarely disguised his. Anger, joy, frustration, eagerness — if he felt it, he expressed it. The antennas are available from today and will cost £100 for installation. EE's most expensive package provides 200GB of monthly data for £60 a month.

The theater’s hip, edgy work attracts an unusually young crowd: 70 percent of the audience is under the age of 35, according to Mr. Miller. And it is breaking down the boundaries between watching a play, hanging out with a beer and raving till 6 a.m. “Audiences are cross-pollinating,” Mr. Miller said. “We’re creating a new theater audience, who see that it can be as invigorating as dancing in a club.” Jupiter isn't the most colorful spot in the solar system. It looks like a watercolor swirl of white, orange, brown, yellow and bit of dull red like we see in the Great Red Spot. 

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Log InThe new initiative also got support from the Retail Industry Leaders Association, whose members include many traditional retailers like Walmart and Best Buy who've struggled to compete against Amazon. In a statement, Nicholas Ahrens, a vice president for the trade group, said his organization backs the task force's work "to bring needed scrutiny to the relatively few technology platforms that control a growing share of modern commerce." "Convenience is a big piece of it," Shields said. "I don't have to worry about going through all my items and getting updates. I'll give you a month for that any day."