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300 Click for offerIn his chilling new book, “Midnight in Chernobyl,” the journalist Adam Higginbotham shows how an almost fanatical compulsion for secrecy among the Soviet Union’s governing elite was part of what made the accident not just cataclysmic but so likely in the first place. Interviewing eyewitnesses and consulting declassified archives — an official record that was frustratingly meager when it came to certain details and, Higginbotham says, couldn’t always be trusted — he reconstructs the disaster from the ground up, recounting the prelude to it as well as its aftermath. The result is superb, enthralling and necessarily terrifying. Mr. Chambers, who is leading the Republicans’ national effort, projected confidence about his party’s chances. Yes, he conceded, statehouses dominated by Republicans for years are now up for grabs. But he said the leftward shift among Democrats nationally could help Republicans keep moderate suburban voters. And, for now at least, the political maps continue to favor Republicans.

Keith Moon of the Who was more uninhibited; John Bonham of Led Zeppelin — a band formed in 1968, the year Cream broke up — was slicker. But Mr. Baker brought a new level of artistry to his instrument, and he was the first rock drummer to be prominently featured as a soloist and to become a star in his own right. Mr. Clapton praised him as “a fully formed musician” whose “musical capabilities are the full spectrum.” “It’s like Brooklyn — great bones, great old manufacturing buildings, and a great history of artists,” said Mr. Stober, whose Sterling Road restaurant, Drake Commissary, became a scene soon after it opened in a huge former pickle factory in June 2017. “The transformation’s overdue.” He had earlier developed the artsy Drake hotel, a former flophouse turned boutique hotel after a multimillion-dollar renovation. The hotel opened in 2004 about a mile and a half away in another district, Queen Street West.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKE“I remember my childhood more and more,” Hurtado tells me, tucking a tortoiseshell comb into her hair, which she had cut short herself the day before. She shares memories from Venezuela — hiding under fan-shaped leaves, watching crabs scuttle across the beach, devouring mangoes in a cool stream. Lately, when she wakes, she sees a vision of a pink ceiling floating above her. I imagine the series of paintings she created in 1975 in which bright-white squares are framed by mesmerizing planes of blue, goldenrod and fiery red — intended to draw moths to an illusory light, they give off a sense of ascension and expansion. “I’ve concluded that I’m going somewhere,” she tells me. “It’s not death; it’s a border that we cross. I don’t think I’ll be able to come back and tell you, but if I can, I’ll find a way. If you suddenly see a pink ceiling, that’s me.” More than policy, the willingness of Ms. Omar and three House freshman allies, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna S. Pressley, to fight back has turned the group into a potent new enemy for Mr. Trump and a heroic quartet for liberals.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYNEW DELHI — After apprehending a Muslim man suspected of stealing a motorcycle, the Hindu mob tied him to a lamppost and reportedly beat him for 12 hours while forcing him to chant praises to Hindu gods. Videos began circulating widely showing the attack last week in eastern India, which went on for so long that some of the footage was in daylight and other parts in darkness. After five weeks, all of the animals, including an untouched control group, were loosed individually into a brightly lit maze with a single, darkened chamber. Rodents gravitate toward dark places and during repeated visits to the maze, the animals would be expected to learn the location and aim for that chamber.

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I would not hold back on the toppings with this recipe, since they contribute texture, flavor and fireworks. (And let’s be real: You are not having a salad on the side, so you need your shredded lettuce, your avocado, your diced tomatoes.) Swap turkey for the beef if you like, and serve with black beans or maybe sautéed corn on the side. Australia’s notice advised all consumers, not only those with underlying eye conditions, to stop using the mask.

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Pros: It’s easy. Receiving a notification requires only an internet connection. Selecting Yes is faster than typing in a code. These voters are hard to measure. They are underrepresented in public opinion surveys, and there’s reason to wonder whether those who do take surveys are representative of those who don’t. They are also less likely to hold opinions on current events, including on the president. (For ease of comparison, those without an opinion of the president have been excluded from measures of the president’s approval rating.)

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To friends, I marked a turning point for Sammi as the day, at age 9, when she first ate a sandwich. To myself, the secret turning point was the afternoon I held her hand while we lazily read poetry together on the couch. Until that day, I didn’t know she liked poetry at all. I suspected then that I was eight years behind in authentic love for her — the real me and the real her, meeting at last. She recently began a campaign to enhance the industry’s appeal, featuring a 20-foot inflatable plastic rooster, a symbol of French pride. The rolling caravan, called the “French Fab” tour, showcases factories as hubs for high tech.

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Joining the series are Oscar winner Rami Malek, Lashana Lynch (from Captain Marvel), Billy Magnussen, Ana De Armas, David Dencik and Dali Benssalah. We didn't get any details about the new characters, but Malek's video message left us in little doubt that he'll be Bond's nemesis in the movie. The case accuses the French authorities of minimizing the problem at first, though they now appear to be making up for lost time.

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